We provide cost-effective, satellite-based voice communication and data transfer services for the commercial fishing and related marine industries.
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SPECIAL REPORT: Father & son survive serious accident in remote Alaska location - call for help with satellite phone provided by Satellite West!
Read letter from relieved wife and mother.

Reported on Michael Duke Show  

Now there's more than just convenient Internet features with the SatWest Mobil App. We've added SMS TEXTING features that WORK WITHOUT WEB ACCESS. Get Marine WX, Aviation WX, Ocean Buoy Data, and more on your SMS enabled device - pair with the BIVY STICK for example.

STS SeaMail is the most efficient way to access your email account and Internet data while on the water or in remote locations. STS SeaMail is based on the original, proven compression algorithm. It is simply the fastest, easiest-to-use and most reliable satellite phone email available, saving you time, money and frustration.

STS SeaMail + the OPTIMIZER is the best solution available for Internet connectivity. Sophisticated data compression saves you expensive connect time. OPTIMIZER transfers data via local Wi-Fi enabled devices - instantly!

You can't always be next to your radio. The compact CallerId unit keeps a record of calls - number & time of call - while you're away from your radio.

DialPad Plus is a direct replacement for Hughes G2 mic systems. Adds ease of use plus other features over a regular mic.

We offer Iridium and Inmarsat satellite connectivity using a range of hardware devices.


View video of STS/Satellite West products and services in action in Alaska.