ZOLEO Overview

ZOLEO sends and receives messages via the Iridium global satellite network when you’re outside of cellular coverage. The free app works via cellular or Wi-Fi when its available—satellite when it isn't. You’ll never miss a message even if your ZOLEO device's power isn’t on.

ZODEO works with its own app on iPhone or Android.

ZOLEO Accessories: [Clip Kit]   [Universal Mount]
  • Seamless messaging via satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi.
  • Dedicated SMS number and email (recognizable/storable).
  • Long messages of 950+ characters.
  • Familiar texting experience.
  • Tiny and lightweight—take it everywhere.
  • Superior protection from dust and water (IP68).
  • Best messaging value out there.

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ZOLEO coverage is unique because it uses satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi for a truly seamless, global messaging service. ZOLEO takes advantage of cellular and Wi-Fi when it is available, and transmits over the Iridium satellite network when it isn’t! You experience a messaging service that simply isn’t available using other satellite communicators.