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The MSAT Handi-Remote allows you conveniently operate your MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Push to Talk Radio system. This interface enables the handset and MSAT-G2 radio to be separated by up to 4000 feet utilizing standard CAT-5/5E network cable.

The MSAT-PSTN Interface enables MSAT-G2 radio operators to access MSAT voice and PTT service functions via an analog telephone. When using a cordless analog phone, the interface extends satellite phone coverage throughout buildings. The device also facilitates integration of the MSAT-G2 radio into a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. Now organizations can easily incorporate MSAT services into their office telephone networks, ensuring reliable back-up capability when it is needed the most.

The MSAT G2 handset IPR750 is a rugged speaker microphone with a bright LCD transflective, direct sunlight readable display. The IPR750 provides full Push to Talk (PTT) operation and telephone call support for the MSAT G2 satellite radio. The handset provides a powerful 3W internal speaker, wired 3.5mm headset access and a sealed IP-55 construction. The handset coiled cord is 7 foot, and when uncoiled 11 foot. The IPR750 handset is designed to provide a solid, long life of operation.

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